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Unlike any Chess Board

The in2Chess eBoard is built around a simple vision: to create a fast and intuitive chess board that is functional and beautiful at the same time. The eBoard is built around a solid frame to support the revolutionary playing area crafted in new materials not seen before in any chess board.

Besides the Artificial Intelligence Chess Engine we have embedded the elements that define a great chess experience. With our advanced functions: Rules, Guidance and Assisted Help integrated in the In2Chess app, beginners and experienced players can play against each other instantly without knowing the rules of engagement (movements of the chess pieces). Rules, Guidance and Assisted Help can be set in the app on the beginners side of the eBoard which enables the beginner to learn on the fly from first game played. The eBoard is designed to accelerate the understanding of the game for beginners and experienced chess players.


The In2Chess App enables the chess players to set up the game in a way that fits their level of expertise (and full adjustments can be made throughout the game).

With the use of Split configuration, it is possible to tailor (turn on and off) the game settings Rules, Guidance and Training Mode Levels on each side of the eBoard. Future deployments and new functionalities are updated via the In2Chess App.

Play against the AI (artificial intelligence) that can challenge you with 20 different difficulty levels. The chess software embedded in our app uses one of the strongest AI chess engines in the world (Stockfish 11). The player can at any given time in the game adjust the difficulty level

Understand and learn the chess piece movements rules-in real time-when playing on the eBoard. Together with our advanced sensor arrays the control software on the eBoard we can display the chess piece rules-in real time-when chess pieces are lifted or moved on the playing area

Active Feedback shows the player what the AI chess engine expects to be the strongest move against its own calculation-in real time-and thereby allows the player to see the Best Move after set of own chess piece

The Instant Help can be activated by pressing the Instant Help button in the app. The eBoard memorize the current position after any valid chess move. This makes it possible for the AI chess engine to calculate the best move instantly when the Instant Help button is activated on the app. This function can be used in any given game setting on the eBoard


Every aspect of the eBoard is designed in pursuit of performance. The eBoard is so fast that you can play a game of Blitz chess against you opponent without waiting for the electronics to recognize the moves taken in the game.

A powerful device by itself is not the only goal. Testing the product from a usability perspective is also needed. From the sound of the chess pieces touching the faded white perspex playing area to the advance electronics and software that provides instant feedback in the game.

We have developed a new and revolutionary way to play chess with the integration of advanced electronics, software and new materials that works fast, intuitively and sounds great when utilized.

Let the game begin

Nothing beats many hours of training or guidance from a senior chess tutor. Not all of us have access to a family member that plays chess or a senior chess tutor. The eBoard is developed to support beginners and experienced chess players in any given game played on the eBoard.

We have designed the In2Chess App to be configurable so the player or players can make full adjustments throughout the game. This makes the eBoard easy to use for beginners and enable them to understand the chess game in a broader sense. Experienced chess players will benefit from the In2Chess Apps more advanced functions as Training Mode, Guidance and Assisted Help.

Technical specifications

The eBoard Frame is made by black laminate and the game area is a laser cut opal acrylic perspex material

  • 5 hours of battery life on a single charge (8 x NiMH batteries)
    (Low cost version is without battery)
  • Board Size 410 x 410 x 35 mm (16.14 x 16.14 x 1.38 inches)
  • Square Size 45 x 45 mm (1.77 x 1.77 inches)
  • Weight 5 Kilo (11 pounds)
  • Dimming of light intensity in 16 levels
  • 1 ARM processors
  • 1 USB port (Chess clock)
  • 1 Buzzer (sound)
  • Bluetooth (BLE) Android only
  • App Chess Software (Stockfish 11)

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